Your Future Mate Cannot Find You In Your House

get out of the house

Get Out Of The House

Being a Life Coach, I come across people with various issues that they want to resolve. One of those issues is finding a mate. There are many single people out there in this world looking for that special mate that will bring them eternal happiness.

When people come to me that are looking for that special someone, one of the first things that I ask them is what is it that they do for fun.  Many of the responses are that they just stay home and watch T.V. I usually always tell them that their future mate will not break into their house to find them.

If you find yourself looking for that future mate but are constantly staying home, let me tell you a few things. First of all, you do not need to look for anyone. That future mate will find you. In order for him/her to find you, it will require for you to leave your house.

I know that your couch is very comfortable and that you need to keep up with the latest The Walking Dead or Scandal Episodes. Trust me, you can record those shows and watch them later. I am going to need for you to leave your house.

Leaving your house is the hardest part. Now that you are willing to leave your house, where should you go? You will go where they are doing things that you enjoy. Your future mate will find you doing the things that you love to do.

If you are unsure of places to go, then I challenge you to go to places that you may not frequent. When was the last time you been to a poetry reading? When was the last time you have been to a concert? When was the last time you took a class on something interesting and fun?

And to those of you who are going to use the excuse that you do not have any friends to go out with, let me stop you right now. You can go to any of the spots that you love by yourself.

I go out by myself all the time. There is a special feeling of peace when you treat yourself to a solo outing. I will be honest, there are some awkward feelings at times, depending on where I go alone.

Ultimately when I really look around, I notice that I am not the only one out by myself. So do not be afraid to go out by yourself. Give someone a nice comment or startup some small talk with anyone you see who is also out by themselves.

Just remember, your future mate is looking for you. All you have to do is keep leaving that house from time to time and he/she will find you.

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