Why You Are Stuck In The Friend Zone


 The Friend Zone

I know that I am not alone in saying that it really sucks to be stuck in the friend zone with someone you are very attracted to and wish to be in a relationship with. For those that do not know what the friend zone is, let me explain. Imagine this, you meet a person who you are very attracted to mentally and physically.

You get along with them very well. Everything about them you just love. You know in your heart that this person is the one for you. The only problem is that they only like you as a friend, and cast you away in the friend zone forever. You are doomed to maintain only a friendship with this person when you really want more.

Who would want to put themselves in a situation where they are just wishing for that one imaginary day when that friend would just acquire the same feelings? Well, I have to admit that I was once a victim caught in the friend zone.

It is like pure torture. You have to hear about all the other people that your friend chose over you. You make yourself always available for them, while doing everything to please them. All the while they only see you as that good old friend.

Well, the million dollar question is why are you stuck in the friend zone? The answer to that is very simple. It is so simple that I will state it twice.

The reason that you are stuck in the friend zone is because that person only sees you as a friend. Once again, the reason that you are stuck in the friend zone is because that person only sees you as a friend. I told you the answer would be simple.

Seriously though, I know that you hope and wish that your friend would feel the same way as you, unfortunately they do not. That is ok though. We like who we like in this world and if someone that we like does not like us back, then we move on.

There are too many people in this world for you to have your heart trapped with someone who does not see you like that. If you ever find yourself in a situation that could lead you to being trapped in the friend zone, I want you to remember two things.

Do not allow yourself to be put into the friend zone. You can choose to cut ties with that person if you feel that your feelings for them may not change. Yes you will lose a friend, but you also lose a possible life sentence in the friend zone.

You can also choose to accept that they do not feel the same way as you do and choose to remain friends with them. By doing this you change the friend zone into a friendship. From this day forward, no more friend zones only friendships.

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