Why Are You So Angry


Why Are You So Angry

Do you know someone who is just angry all the time? No matter what the situation, they are just angry, angry, angry.  Are you that person who is angry all the time?

If so, have you ever wondered why you are so angry? What if I told you that your constant anger could be covering up something that you may not even be aware of. Underneath all that anger could be some unresolved hurt that you have experienced sometime in your life.

You may be thinking, what is he talking about. Well believe it or not, that hurt could be buried so deep that you may not even remember what it is.

Many times people who are angry all the time are using anger as a mask to hide the deeper true issue. For example, take the typical school bully. We all have seen or had a run in with him/her, if we were not them.

This bully takes his/her anger out on weaker kids on a daily basis. The bully hits, berates, and terrorizes other kids out of anger. If we look past the anger of the bully, we may see a kid who may not be getting love from home, and may be getting physically and/or verbally abused at home.

The results of everything that was done to the bully is reflected through anger in his/her behavior. But as we can see from the home life of the bully, the anger is stemming from being hurt.

Since the hurt was not addressed or rectified, anger has masked the true emotion. Fast forward to adulthood, and the bully has become an adult with severe anger issues with no clue as to how it started.

When it comes to anger, it is not designed to be bad. Anger is an emotion that is needed in our lives from time to time. If you have never watched the movie Inside Out, I highly recommend it.

It is an excellent example of how our emotions work together and how important each one is, even anger. When we become angry, it is our body’s way of telling us that we are not content with something that is going on.

We get a burst of energy that has to be released. Now you can release/express that anger in many different ways and eventually the anger will pass. But, if your anger is constant and causes issues in your friendships and relationships, then you may want to seriously look into the true cause of your anger.

Your anger could masking a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. Besides experiencing a past hidden hurt, some other causes of constant anger are jealousy, fear, or feeling powerless.

Figuring out the true cause is not always easy, a trained professional (Life Coach) could assist you with finding the root cause of your anger. Life is too short and precious to be angry all the time.

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