Where Is My Money?

Patience 2

Patience is a Beautiful Thing….

I grew up in an inner city, and in that inner city there were unwritten rules that we all abided by. If you did not abide by those rules, there were severe consequences.

This was especially true with regards to issues of money. If you owed someone money, it was in your best interest to pay them back. People would get severely beat or even killed if repayment was not made.

Many of those cases usually involved some type of criminal activity, but nonetheless people did not play about their money. Having a lot of patience was often looked at as if you were weak or soft. Growing up in that type of environment made you see the world in a different way.

As I got older, I disregarded those rules of impatience. I had witnessed too many people lose their cool.

Those individuals would get into unnecessary fights, which often meant getting hurt, going to jail, or both. I found that being patient required a great deal of strength and poise.

It is easy to just let go and react to a situation, but being able to have patience and respond to a situation will most likely have results ending in your favor.

About a year ago, I went to a local gas station to fill my car. I gave the attendant $20, and told her to put $10 on my truck that was parked at the pump (do not judge me, times were hard back then).

She took my money but did not give me back my change. I politely told her that she forgot to give me my money. She insisted that I only gave her $10, so I had no change.

We went back and forth for a little bit, but it was not getting anywhere. At that point the line to pay for gas was getting long and the customers behind me were becoming upset.

I asked to speak to her manager, but the attendant said that he was not there and that there was nothing that she could do about my money.

Two thoughts came into my head at that point. I could just leave it alone because it was only $10, or I could tear that gas station up about my $10. I decided to get her to sign my receipt, stating that I wanted my $10 and I would return the next day to speak to the manager.

I returned the next day in an attempt to get my $10 back. There was a different attendant there so I showed her the receipt I had and explained my situation.

She stated that she could not help me and for me to come back the next day when the manager was there. I know many of you are thinking that this was ridiculous, so was I. Something in me told me to come back the next day and try again.

I came back the next day and of course there was another attendant there. I explained my situation yet again and asked for the manager.

She claimed to not have his number and for me to come back later. At this point I was done. I went home and looked up the gas station’s corporate number.

I talked to their customer service people and made my complaint. They took my information and said they would be in touch. A few hours later the manager of the gas station called me and apologized about the situation.

He took my address and sent me a $50 gas card in the mail, which arrived a few days later. So being patient resulted in me getting an extra $40 in gas.

Our emotions can sometimes get the best of us but if we can just sometimes exercise a little patience, it may be worth it.

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