What Is Your Life’s True Purpose


Why Are You Here

I had the pleasure of attending a special event not too long ago. While at that event, there were several people who performed there that night. There was a comedian, a poet, a spoken word artist, and two singers who did their thing that night.

As I watched them all perform, I was in awe. I was not in awe with the actual content that they performed, even though all of their material was great. I was in awe with their special gifts that they shared with us that night.

Each one of them at some point or another in their lives realized that they had a special talent. They took the time and effort to practice and hone their gifts to a point where it could be displayed for others to see. I believe that all of those performers have found their life’s true purpose.

So, what is your life’s true purpose? What is the reason that you were brought into this world? These may not be the easiest questions to answer for many of you. Some of you may be thinking that you cannot sing, tell jokes, or write poetry.

I cannot do any of those things as well. What I can do well is write, speak, and inspire. The reason that I know I can do those things well is because they are all a part of my life’s true purpose.

I had been doing those things my whole life, but never realized why I did them so well. As soon as I figured out my life’s true purpose, I began to hone on all of those special skills of writing, speaking, and inspiring.

So, how do you find your life’s true purpose? The first thing that you can do is to ask yourself what do you like to do. Next, ask yourself what do you do very well. I mean what do you do so well that you could probably teach others to do it as well.

This can be different from what you like to do. I used to like to play video games when I was younger. I was not very good at them, but nonetheless I liked to play them.

The third and final question you can ask yourself is if you had all the money in the world, what would you do? I mean after you helped your family and friends out, and traveled all over the world, what would you do?

Answering those simple questions can help you get closer to finding out your special gifts and ultimately your life’s true purpose.

When you find out what your life’s true purpose is, it will just feel right. The more you live in that purpose, the happier your life will be. Unfortunately, everyone does not get a chance to figure it out within their lifetime.

This does not have to be the case with you. Take some time out and try to really think about what your purpose is.


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