What Are You Feeding Your Relationship

What Are You Feeding Your Relationship

Being a Life Coach means that I am constantly giving strategies to my clients, family, and friends on how to navigate in this thing called life. One of the major topics that I get asked about is relationships, specifically on how to maintain a happy one.

When people come to me about their relationships, usually there is some sort of turmoil or unhappiness there. The first thing they ask me is how can they make it better. My immediate reply to them is a question.

I automatically ask, what are you feeding your relationship? They usually give me a weird look like they do not understand what I am saying. I usually repeat my question again, what are you feeding your relationship?

Most people fail to realize that a relationship is like a living entity. As with most living entities, they must be fed.  Just as you eat everyday, so does your relationship.

The problem is usually not whether the relationship is fed, it is usually what it is being fed. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, it must be fed healthy things. A relationship should be fed love, affection, intimacy, time, etc.

All of these things cause relationships to grow healthy and strong. Unfortunately, many of us choose to feed our relationships junk. We fill our relationships with negativity, distrust, pain, infidelity, etc. Just as junk food is bad for the body, theses things are bad for your relationship.

Take a moment and ask yourself, what am I feeding my relationship? Is it healthy? Is it being fed daily? If I am not feeding my relationship healthy things, how can I change?

Sometimes being in long relationships we take things for granted and become complacent. That is usually the time when we start feeding our relationship unhealthy things, or starving it altogether.

If you are currently in an unhealthy relationship, you may just have to simply change the diet of your relationship. Start feeding it love, affection, intimacy, trust etc., on a daily basis. You will immediately see a change in your relationship.

There are some relationships out there that have been fed so much negativity that there may be no return to healthiness. In situations like that, you may have to remove yourself from it.

So to those out there wondering how can they fix their relationship, I ask you, what are you feeding it?

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