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The Grass is Brown

Take a moment right now to think about your current relationship. If the both of you are happy and everything is perfect, then this article is not for you. Now for the rest of you out there, you have some work to do.

Look at your relationship like a patch of grass. When you first got together, that patch of grass was green, cut right, and free of weeds. Unfortunately, many of you right now have brown grass, weeds growing everywhere, and even people walking all over on your grass.

How did it come to this? Well it did not happen overnight. It took time for your relationship to arrive at the current state that it is in.

When you first got together, you would text and call each other frequently, go out on dates, and enjoy being in the company of each other. The relationship was new and the both of you put in the time and effort to make it work.

But after a while, one or both of you got comfortable. You would go out less, not call or text as much, and things became routine. So it should not be a surprise as to why you two are having issues.

You have stopped maintaining the grass. A relationship has to be maintained. You have to keep doing those things that you all did in the beginning.

I already know what some of your excuses will be. Your money is low so you cannot go out as much, you have kids now so it is hard to get out, or one or both of you are working long hours.

Blah, blah, blah. If you truly love each other and want it to work, you had better start watering that grass. Stop making excuses and put in the work to maintain that relationship. Set up a date night.

Call in sick from work and hang out with each other. Do something spontaneous with each other. It does not cost anything to hold hands with each other and walk down the street. Start watering that grass, before someone else decides to.

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  1. Dr. M. Tina Dupree
    Oct 20, 2015 @ 10:23:58

    great content. Please meet with me fir your free 30 minute coaching session. I wont be able to until I get better in a few weeks.


    • PJ
      Oct 20, 2015 @ 11:08:02

      Thank you.We will definitely be meeting up when you get better.


  2. Kendra mcbride
    Nov 03, 2015 @ 09:36:20

    Well said & and on point. God Bless


    • PJ
      Nov 03, 2015 @ 12:45:23

      Thank you


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