These Bills Will Not Kill Me


These Bills Will Not Kill Me

Bills, bills, bills, we all have them and they never seem to go away. Many times we let those bills have too much influence on our lives. Me being a Life Coach, I am use to advising my clients on how to work through their issues, bills being one of them.

Even though I can bring clarity to many of their situations, sometimes I have to take my own advice, especially with regards to bills. This past weekend I was hit with several financial situations that I just did not foresee.

One of my daughters lost the key to one of my vehicles which required me to get a locksmith ($$$$$). The next day I took another one of my daughter’s (yes I have a lot of girls) to the dentist and of course she had to get all this work done ($$$$).

I had begun to get down a little thinking about how I was going to pay for all of this. Not to mention that the majority of my kids’ birthdays are in September which will require more money to be spent.

As my brain began to go down the negative path of why me and how would I pay for it all, a voice popped in my head. The voice began to say, “These bills will not kill me.”

I repeated the saying out loud for a few seconds and snapped out of the funk. Life is good. I will pay what I can when I can. I refuse to let bills dictate my happiness.

Many of us are good people who pay our debts. So when we owe money to these companies, it puts a negative vibe on us when we are not able to pay. In many ways that is the way our world is built, on debt.

As soon as I wiped those impending expenses off my mind, I enjoyed the rest of my weekend with my kids. Also what was funny was that when I got home from hanging out with the kids, I had a check in the mail.

The check was not a very large amount, but money nonetheless. I saw the check as a confirmation that when I stopped worrying about those bills, everything worked out.

So my message to all of you stressing and worrying about those debts, stop it! Pay what you can, when you can. Do not let those bills be the death of you.

In no way am I saying be irresponsible and get kicked out of your house for not paying your rent or mortgage. I am just saying do not expend all your life energy into worrying about debt.

These bills will not kill me, nor will they kill you.

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