Let’s Build A Life Together

Let’s Build A Life Together

We are at a point in our society where everything is instant access. We can get a whole season of television shows in one click. We can pay a stranger to bring us fast food right to our doors. We can have a phone conversation with one person while we engage in several text conversations with other people at the same time.

All of this instant access and fast paced things has sort of diminished our way of life, at least with regards to dating. We meet someone brand new and give them our all in a matter of months without truly getting to know them.

After all of the fun things have been done with that person so quickly, what is left? Well, most likely what is left is the realization that they may have become bored with you and are ready to move on.

If you are at the point where you want to settle down and build a life together with someone, then you are going to have to do some things differently. Fellas, we have to step our grown man gentleman swag up.

When we are first dating you ladies, we do not want any nudes pictures(yes, I said it) from you and there is no Netflix and chill. We need to know your credit score, arrest record, dreams, goals, and aspirations. It may sound like a lot but remember, we are trying to build a life together with you so we need to try and figure out who you really are.

We will have plenty of dates and conversations. We will take our time to actually get to know each other. There will be no rush towards any hardcore physical intimacy. We can get that from any random woman. Our goal is to connect mentally with you to the point where the rest will come naturally.

Ladies, the same applies to you all as well. Stop giving these guys your all who have not even earned the right yet. Take your time to truly get to know your future life partner.

Does he want kids? Does he have kids? Does he take care of his kids he does have? Pay more attention to his actions instead of his words. Some of us guys have a good talk game, but usually our actions are the true indicators of how we feel. Ultimately take your time getting to know him.

Although taking your time and truly getting to know someone may not work all the time, but that is ok. Usually those with bad intentions will not hang around that long. They do not want to invest their time into truly getting to know you. They will move on to an easier prey.

Let’s bring back chivalry, communication, and working on building our lives together the best way we can.

Remember, it is a process finding that right person to build a life together with. As long as you know what you want and accept nothing less, the search will not be that hard. You are a good catch and deserve the best!

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