Stop Going Through That Cell Phone

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The Cell Phone Spy…..

Should you ever go through your mate’s cell phone without their permission? This question has certainly crossed many of our minds at one point or another.

I have to admit, I used to do this in past relationships. I was very good at it too. I  can remember sneaking into the bedroom one night while my girlfriend at the time was asleep.

She had the cell phone on the opposite side of the room so I had to crawl on the floor so she would not see me grabbing the cell phone.

Unfortunately she awoke, seeing only my hand rising from under the bed grabbing her cell phone.

We got into a big argument about it and I promised to never do it again. I did not keep my promise and kept going through her cell phone without her permission.

I would always find inappropriate things such as guys’ numbers that I did not know or explicit text messages between her and some of her  male friends.

It became a kind of addiction for me to keep going through her cell phone. The funny thing about the situation was that I had inappropriate things in my cell phone as well.

She would go through my cell phone and confront me on the inappropriate contents as well. This was a back and forth pattern that continued throughout our relationship.

One day I came to the realization that I just did not trust her and she did not trust me. If we did not have any trust for one another, then why were we together? Soon after that realization we broke up.

I learned many things from that relationship. One of them was that I had many insecurities that I had to work on. I also learned that I had some trust issues as well.

Through time I was able to work on those issues. At this current time, I am single so I do not have to deal with cell phone spying nor would I partake in it if I was in a relationship.

Whenever you are engaging in cell phone spying, you will most certainly find what you are looking for. If you have to spy on your mate, then why are you with them?

If you think spying on your mate will stop them from cheating, then you are mistaken. They will get good at not getting caught. Stop torturing yourself with cell phone spying and have a serious conversation with your mate.

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