Stop Being A Deadbeat Dad

deadbeat dad

 Stop Being a Deadbeat Dad

We just recently celebrated Father’s Day and my children got me the best gifts a father could ever get. They each made a book for me. Being an author myself, you can see how I would really appreciate a homemade book from my kids.

They drew pictures of special moments we shared, they wrote poems, as well as decorated the books nicely. Those inexpensive books beat out any materialistic gift I have ever received.

When I got those books, it got me thinking about all the kids out there who did not have a dad in their lives. Some of those kids’ dads are not with us anymore.

Unfortunately, many of them are alive and well but are not taking an active role in their kid’s life. If you know a dad who is not taking an active role in their kid’s life, please forward this article to them, because I will be addressing them now.

To all the absentee dads out there, I will not bash you because you have been bashed enough.  I have used the term deadbeat in the title to make a point, not to judge.

Do you know what it is like to grow up without a dad? If not, then I do, as well as your child. Not having a father in your life feels like you are missing a piece of yourself. You can spend your entire lifetime trying to fill that void.

As a young man, you have no real example on how to be a man. As a young girl, how can you be expected to be with a standup guy if the man that brought you into this world did not even stick around to show you what a standup guy looks like.

Although your kid’s mother will do the best they can without you, they should not have to. I know many of you will blame some of your kid’s mothers for you not being in their lives, but honestly those are just more excuses.

If a man with no arms can drive a car with his feet, then you can find a way to be in your child’s life. Nothing should be able to stop you from playing an active role in your child’s life. If you live in another state, then you should be calling your child everyday.

Even if you have to buy them a prepaid phone and ship it to them so you can talk to them, do it. Throughout the year, save some money so you can go visit them in the summer, or have them come stay with you.

I do understand that some women can make it hard for you with regards to seeing your child. Ultimately, that is no excuse. You may have to compromise on some things, but whatever it takes for you to be in that child’s life you have to do.

If you are getting killed in child support, then fight with the courts to get it to a fair amount. While you fight that fight, you must still be in your child’s life.

Ok mothers, this next part is for you. If your child’s father is trying, work with him. If money is an issue, do not let that be the reason your child doses not have a father. As long as he is not a negative influence on your child, then let him be a part of that kid’s life.

Dads, make today the day that you make a serious effort in playing an active role in your child’s life. Being a father is hard, but being a fatherless child is harder.

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