Never Give Up

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Never Give Up!

About 5 years ago I began watching Mixed Martial Arts. I was amazed at all the techniques that the fighters would use. I saw arm bars, triangles, and guillotine chokes to name a few.

This was a very entertaining sport. It also seemed like a great self-defense to learn. Many of the fighters had a background in Brazilian Jujitsu.

So it seemed like Brazilian Jujitsu would be a great self-defense to learn. I found an MMA school that specialized in Brazilian Jujitsu.

I began training immediately. It was a very demanding class. I would train for about 2 hours every time I went, which was usually 4 times a week. I was getting into the best shape in my life and learning a great martial art.

After about six months of training, I was invited to compete in a grappling tournament. My professor felt I was ready, as did I. It would be the first time that I would  compete in a tournament.

I signed up and told all of my friends and family. On the day of the tournament, I was so nervous but I was ready to battle.

My first match was underway and it was a disaster. My opponent immediately slammed me on the mat, causing some of my ribs to break. As he got on top of me, I could not breathe.

He immediately grabbed my hand and put me in an arm bar. I immediately tapped out and just like that the match was over.

I was in so much pain from the broken ribs. All my family and friends were calling to find out the results.

I was so embarrassed to tell them that I lost, but I did anyway. I wanted to give up training Brazilian Jujitsu, I figured that I was in over my head. Something in me just kept saying never give up.

So I continued training for 6 more months and entered another tournament. I told my family and friends of the match and some even showed up to watch me.

This match was different, I took control and immediately slammed my opponent. I was on top of him the majority of the match. I eventually finished him off with a rear naked choke. I had finally won.

I was so excited. All of my hard work paid off because I never gave up. Obstacles are going to come at you in life, it is the nature of the game. What is most important for you to know is that you should never give up.

It is not how many times you fall, it is how many times you get up. So get back up and never give up!

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