Mask Off

Mask Off

I chose to title this article based on the title of a currently popular rap song by Future. I love all types of music, Hip Hop being my main music of choice. I have to admit that I am truly getting older because I have no idea what he is talking about in the song. The beat is hot though.

It goes something like, Percocete, Molly Percocete, Mask On, f@!# it Mask Off. Anyway, it got me thinking about all the different masks we wear on a daily basis to make it.  We wear certain masks at work to make it through the day.

We wear certain masks if we are out in a social setting. Some of us even wear masks while in relationships. These masks cover our true self in order for us to fit in with our surroundings.

If you want to know if you are currently wearing a mask in your life, all you have to do is ask yourself one simple question.

Are you currently happy? If the answer is no, then you are wearing a mask. Are you happy with your current job? If the answer is no, then mask on. Are you happy in your current relationship? If the answer is no, then mask on.

Are you currently happy with your living situation? If the answer is no, you get the point…mask on. So you are not happy but for whatever reason you choose to stay and put your mask on.

The problem with wearing those masks are that they are hard to stay on. They come off from time to time and friction usually ensues. The only reason that the friction appears is because your true self, who is unhappy with the situation, pops out and expresses it, which causes the friction.

In the song Future mentions Molly and Percocete, followed by mask on. These are drugs that aid in keeping the masks on. Many times in life we use drugs, alcohol, or sex to numb us from whatever unhappy situation we are going through.

Those are only temporary measures and cannot be sustained for a long time. Eventually the drugs will stop working and  you will crash. Ultimately you have to address whatever the underlying issue is that you have going on in your life.

There are many different ways of addressing the issues, such as getting  counseling or even investing in a Life Coach (hint hint lol),  but the most important step is admitting that you have an issue.

If you are unhappy with your current situation, then there is an underlying issue on why that is.  You can choose to continue wearing those masks or strive for happiness again. No Mollies, no Percocetes, just mask off.

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