Four Ways To Put A Smile On Your Woman’s Face


Four Ways To Put A Smile On Your Woman’s Face

Ok fellas, this article was made especially for you. Some of you may have recently made your woman mad and you are currently in the dog house. No worries, I will give you four ways to put a smile on her face.

Even if your woman is not mad at you, these four tips will help you put a big smile on her face. Many times us guys get complacent when we have been with our woman for a while. We figure we got her, she is not going anywhere.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Women sometimes feel unappreciated in a long term relationship where the guy has just gotten too complacent. When it all boils down to it, your woman wants to feel special.

If you are not the one making her feel special, then she may seek that treatment elsewhere. This is definitely not what you want to happen. If you value your woman and your relationship with her, then put all of these four tips into action immediately.

1. Give her compliments, lots of them

I know, I know, it sounds easy to give her compliments. Well, if it were that easy then there would be many more women happy out here. When I say give her compliments, I am not talking about that generic “Good morning Beautiful” text.

Women have become hip to this and if they are tired of you, then that text may not help you out. When giving her compliments, I need for you guys to put some thought into it.

Observe when she has a new outfit on or when she has just gotten her hair done. Compliment her on things that she has gone out of her way to do to herself. It comes off as more genuine, plus it shows that you are paying attention to her.

2. Clean the house

If your woman is like most, then she loves a clean house. If you are like many men, then she may be pulling the bulk of the load with regards to cleaning the house.

Surprise her by cleaning the whole house while she is out. If you are not good at cleaning, then hire a cleaning service for a couple of hours. Coming home to a clean house will be the best feeling for your woman.

3. Send flowers, balloons, or a card to her job

This will put a big  Kool aid smile on her face. Women love to receive gifts at work from their man. Even if you do not have a lot of money, write a note telling her how much you love her and hand deliver it to her at her job.

4. Cuddle and listen to her

Trust me guys, this last one is a winner. After a long day of work for her, have her lay on your chest as the both of you lay on the couch. Turn off the television, mute the cellphones, and embrace her.

Listen to her as she tells you about her day. When she finishes, tell her that you love her and appreciate her for all that she does. Do this at least once a week.

If you guys follow these four tips, your women will really, really, really thank you for it, if you know what I mean.

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