Overcoming Adversity Book Release Giveaway 1/8/16

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Overcoming Adversity Book Release 1/9/16


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Radio Interview with Carry on Harry 2/2/16

LIFE COACH PJ shares his tips and tools about Overcoming Adversity on talk show

Author CarryonHarry
Tuesday – February 2, 2016 5:10 pm
LIFE COACH PJ shares his tips and tools about Overcoming Adversity on talk show

CarryonHarry Studios , Singapore invites Pijhon Valcourt also known as  Life Coach PJ to share his story of ups and downs and overcoming personal adversaries and at same time discuss his new book Overcoming Adversity

When he wrote to us “My life was filled with drama, insecurities and negativity. I was not happy. Instead of continuing to live that lie, I discovered that I could do something about it. I decided to transform my life.- HELPING PEOPLE TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES “ . So for studio  it was easy to decide that it could be quiet informative and educating for listeners to get another perspective about winning against all odds , we thought to get Pijhon Valcourt on the show itself.

About the book that will be discussed on the show :

Overcoming Adversity is a book which details the adversities of the author and people he has come in contact with. It gives the readers advice and motivation on how to overcome those adversities that comes with life. Overcoming Adversity covers issues such as divorce, sexual molestation, fear, and loneliness, to name a few. It will have you laughing, crying, and inspired all at the same time. If you are currently going through an adversity or have overcame one, this book is for you.

Pijhon Valcourt ,a Certified Life Coach who specializes on issues of health, wealth, and relationships will soon be joining us to give us some good tips about living a better life.

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