Watch Out For The Dream Killers

Dream Killers

Did you know that there are killers walking around you everyday? These killers are all around you and you do not even know who they are. I am not talking about killers of people, these killers are the killers of dreams.

Some of these dream killers are strangers, but the majority of them are closer than you think. They can be your brothers, sisters, friends, and even mates. They are responsible for countless murders of dreams all over the world.

Have no fear though, Coach PJ always has your back. The first thing you need to do in order to not have your dreams killed by these people is to first identify them.

Think about it, have you ever talked about improving your situation or trying to achieve a difficult goal? Who are the people that tell you that it cannot be done, laughs at you, or even discourages you all together. Well, those people are your dream killers.

Now do not get the dream killers confused with the people that truly have your best interest at heart. If one of your dreams is to do something dangerous that can hurt someone, then your true supporters are supposed to try and stop you.

The dream killers will discourage you from trying to achieve your dreams. Think about, if they are not working on their dreams, why would they want you to work on yours?

Their whole goal is to kill your dream so that the both of you can be equal. You would think they would join you and try to achieve their dream so you all could be equal. Unfortunately, that is not in their plans. Their plan is to kill your dream by any means necessary.

Well, by now you should kind of know who the dream killers are that are in your inner circle. So how do you combat the dream killers? Well one of the most important things that you can do is to not tell them your dream.

Why waste your time and energy sharing your dreams with people that do not believe in you and whose only goal is to kill your dreams. Do not give these people a chance to attack your dreams.

Even though you may not share your dream with the dream killers, they will find out eventually because you will attempt to make those dreams come true and they will see this.

No worries, if they try to attack your dreams while you are trying to achieve them, let them know how happy and excited you are about your new venture.

The dream killer’s biggest weakness is positivity. As soon as you start speaking positive about your situation, they will scatter away. Dream killers feed off of negativity, so starve them so they will go away.

So as you embark on your journey of making your dreams come true, be aware of those dream killers.

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