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It All Begins With Motivation…

We live in a world full of demands and distractions. We have to rush to get to work so we are not late. We have to rush home to make dinner for the family.

Some of us even text while we drive. I have to admit I am a participant in some of these daily tasks. Today however, I decided to live in the moment.

When I awoke this morning, I sat on the edge of the bed and took several deep breaths. I felt a sense of ease as I exhaled each breath.

As I left the house, I stood next to my car and let the sun hit my skin as I took in the fresh air. Before getting in the car, I gazed the neighborhood admiring the beautiful landscaping all around me.

Several birds flew in my yard and fed on the worms in my grass. This must have been their daily ritual, but I never noticed it before.

On my drive to work instead of talking on the phone or listening to the radio like I normally do, I took in the scenery. I saw drivers on the phone, drivers putting on makeup, and some even falling asleep.

I felt a sense of peace and gratefulness. I was lucky to be alive. Did they truly know how lucky they were? I focused on my surroundings the whole way to work. I cleared my head of the normal thoughts of bills, work, and other meaningless things.

Today I was living in the moment. Even as I went to eat lunch, instead of texting during my meal, I focused on that moment. I focused on the food I ate and how delicious it was. I focused on the workers who helped prepare my food.

They were so dedicated at what they were tasked to do. Before I left, I smiled and thanked each of them and wished them a great day.

By the end of the day, I had noticed many things that I never saw or paid any attention to. My day of living in the moment brought me so much peace and happiness.

It was a much needed calmness to my whole day. We all have busy schedules with lots of tasks at hand. I challenge you to take one day, one hour or even five minutes to live in the moment. Life is short and precious. Take a little time out to really live in the moment.

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