Are You With An Ace or An Anchor

Are You With An Ace Or An Anchor

Recently I had a friend of mines venting to me about her boyfriend. They had been together for about a year now. During that year, they went through it all. He had cheated on her numerous of times, he was not working, and he was not very romantic.

I allowed her to vent her feelings about the situation to me. After she vented to me, she asked my opinion on the matter. I usually do not offer my opinion on friends venting because they may not be ready to receive what I have to say.

Well, since she asked my opinion on the matter, my response was to ask her a question in return. I simply asked her was her boyfriend an ace or an anchor. She was kind of confused with my question, just as some of you may be. Let me break it down.

If you are with an ace, they will uplift you to do better in life. Aces will support your dreams and goals. Aces will love you with all of their heart. Do not get me wrong, aces are not perfect, but who is anyway.

If your ace does not have it financially, that ace will make it up in other ways like taking care of the kids, household, and any other way that the ace can contribute, the ace will do it.

An ace does not have to sell you false hope, the ace’s action will show you what he/she is all about. Ultimately, when you have that ace on your side, you are so happy and it will show in everything that you do.

Now if you are with an anchor, it will be the complete opposite of an ace. Anchors will attach to your life and either keep you from growing, or will ultimately drag you down. Anchors will cause you to lose a lot of money because many anchors do not have their own.

Your friends and family will not like your anchor because they can see how negatively your anchor is affecting your life, even though you may not see it. Anchors will almost surely cheat on you time and time again, causing your heart to break over and over again.

Anchors usually have no real ambitions or goals. If they do, it is all talk and they will never take any real movement on accomplishing them. Not only will they not make a move on their own goals, they will discourage or sabotage you on accomplishing your goals.

I told my friend that she did not have to give me an answer but for her to answer it to herself. I challenge you out there to do the same. Are you with an ace or an anchor? As usual, there are no judgments from me, it is your life to live. Ace or anchor, you decide.

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