Are You Living The Lie

Are You Living The Lie

So, what exactly is living the lie? Well I would have to say that it is choosing to stay in a situation ( relationship, job, etc..) that you are not truly happy in. I will focus on living the lie in relationships.

First of all before you can even begin to do something about living the lie, you have to figure out if you are in fact living it. If you are in a relationship and you are cheating on your partner, then that is a clear indication of living the lie.

If you are being physically or verbally abused, then you are living the lie. If you know deep down in your heart that you are not in love with your partner anymore but are choosing to stay because of the kids, finances, or you are just plain too comfortable in it, then that is text book living the lie.

I can talk about living the lie because I have lived the lie. For a long time I chose to stay in my marriage because of my kids. I did not want to break up my happy home, even though I was not happy.

When you live the lie, you lie about your happiness to others around you. Many of your friends and family have no idea about how unhappy you truly are. Your ability to live that lie consumes your whole life.

Deep down inside only you know the truth that you are not happy in the relationship anymore. To those that do not have the strength or courage to stop living the lie yet, it is ok. I did not have the courage at first. The courage comes at different times for different people.

The main thing is that you first acknowledge that you are in fact living the lie. Once you acknowledge it, then you can attempt to do something about it. Do not get me wrong, living the lie does not simply mean that your relationship is not perfect. No one has a perfect relationship.

Living the lie goes beyond typical problems in relationships. Living the lie causes you to lose sleep at night. It causes you to seek happiness elsewhere all while staying in your relationship.

After you acknowledge that you are in fact living the lie, you then have to have a heart to heart talk to your partner about your feelings. I know that it will not be easy, but they deserve to know your true feelings. Maybe after having a discussion some things may change.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. You both may decide to part ways and that is ok too. It sucks, but in the long run why stay in a relationship that you are not truly happy in and none of you are doing anything to change it.

This life we have is a short one, why spend it being miserable with someone else.

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