Agree to Disagree

Agree to disagree

Argue the Right Way

So, you had been looking for that right mate for a long time now and you finally found them.  All your prayers and wishes were finally answered. Now it is just all about you and your boo.

In the beginning, everything went well and there were no issues. Everything was perfect, until the honeymoon stage ended. Now reality has kicked in. Fast forward to the present and things are not going well.

One of the biggest issues is that you two are constantly arguing. It does not even matter what the arguments are about, there are just too many of them. Some arguments are of major issues, but the majority are petty things that get out of hand.

You thought he/she was the one, but now you are second guessing yourself. Are you all supposed to be arguing like this? Well, all may not be lost. Believe it or not, arguing is not bad. It can actually be healthy in relationships.

Now before you go and run to your mate and tell them Coach PJ said we need to argue, read the rest of this article. Arguing the right way can be healthy.

First of all, you should never call each other names while arguing. It is a grave sign of disrespect and can be destructive for your relationship. Even though you two may be mad at each other over an argument, you should never let it get to a point where name calling is involved.

Secondly, do not be afraid to excuse yourself from the argument. If you feel that it is becoming too heated and you do not want to say or do something that you may regret, remove yourself from the argument.

Go to another room to cool off, or go and sit in your car to cool down. You can return when your emotions have died down some. Also, if your mate is the one that needs to leave, let them. Do not follow them or antagonize them. It will only make things worse.

Thirdly, agree to disagree. Many times in arguments, we want to be right. Sometimes we may be right but our mate thinks they are right. So you find yourself in this paradox of trying to convince each other why the other is wrong and why you are right.

When it gets to that point just save yourself pain and time by just agreeing to disagree.  By doing this, you acknowledge your mates view and they acknowledge yours and you just leave it at that. You both live to fight another day.

Arguments are a part of relationships. If done the right way and constructively,they can actually make your relationship better. When you argue, you get to communicate honestly with your mate about an issue that you feel strongly about.

Without arguments, you would just suppress your true thoughts and feelings which is detrimental to a relationship in the long run. So the next time you argue, remember it is healthy if done correctly.

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