Should Your Mate Have A Curfew

Should Your Mate Have A Curfew

I heard a couple of women talking the other day about how their men were always coming home late and breaking their curfews. This had me thinking back to when I was married, did I have a curfew.

When I was married, I did not go out all the time without my ex-wife. I may have went out maybe once a month without her to hang out with the guys. I never really had a curfew when I was married.

So now back to the question at hand, should your mate have a curfew? First of all, curfew sounds so restricted. You both are adults so let me rephrase it as should there be an established time that your mate should be home when he or she goes out at night?

The answer to that will vary with every relationship. At a minimum, I believe that there should be some form of communication. If there is no established time, then he or she should let you know when they are on the way home.

Even if you have the most trust in your mate, communication is more of a safety concern. Your mate should know when to expect you home just in case something happens.

Whether it be from them giving you a pre established time when they will return or a text stating that they are on the way home, some form of communication should be happening that night.

I already know that some of you reading this are not having that. Your mate needs to be in that house no later than 2am because nothing good is happening after 2am. You may even see it as a respect thing.

When you are in a relationship, there has to be compromises on certain things. Hanging out with your friends after 2am may be one of those things. If you are over 35 years old, you will probably be too sleepy to hang out past 2am anyway.

There is no perfect answer to the question at hand, but at a minimum it should be discussed so that there is no confusion when you or your mate decides to hang out at night with friends.

Does your mate have a curfew? I would love to hear your views on the topic.

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