Living The American Dream


I can say I was living the so called American Dream. I was married, had beautiful kids and a stable job. Unfortunately, that American Dream was a lie. My life was filled with drama, insecurities and negativity. I was not happy. Instead of continuing to live that lie, I discovered that I could do something about it. I decided to transform my life.

As soon as I did that transformation, I began living my life’s true purpose. No longer would I be a passenger on this ride called life. I took over the driver’s seat and have not looked back since. Are you currently happy with where you are in life? Are you living your life’s true purpose? Do you want to make a change? If you are ready to make that change, you have come to the right place.

My name is Pijhon Valcourt, better known as Life Coach PJ. I am a Certified Life Coach who specializes on issues of health, wealth, and relationships.


2016 | Overcoming Adversity

frontOvercoming Adversity is a book which details the adversities of the author and people he has come in contact with. It gives the readers advice and motivation on how to overcome those adversities that comes with life. Overcoming Adversity covers issues such as divorce, sexual molestation, fear, and loneliness, to name a few. It will have you laughing, crying, and inspired all at the same time. If you are currently going through an adversity or have overcame one, this book is for you.






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